Senior Partner

Gerry H. Goldsholle, Esq.

Senior Partner

With experience as a prosecutor for the SEC and several decades of “insider” knowledge gained as a President & CEO of part of MetLife® — one of the world’s largest insurance companies — Gerry is uniquely qualified to assist our clients in obtaining the favorable results they seek for the damages they have suffered.


Repeatedly ranked at the top tier of all lawyers by his peers over the years and selected to chair numerous legal committees, Gerry uses his deep knowledge of the law and insurance company practices to benefit Advocate Law Group’s clients through the Advocate Law Group’s Network of leading consumer-oriented law firms.


Licensed as an attorney in New York and California, he has chaired committees of the American Bar Association, the California State Bar, and the New York City Bar Association. Gerry is also a member of the bars of the Supreme Court of the United States and numerous federal district and appellate courts.

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In a major lawsuit, one involving tens of thousands or even more likely one involving millions of dollars, it is common to believe that you are fighting the guilty party (the Doctor, Hospital, Drug or Medical Device Manufacturer, etc.) to recover the damages suffered by you or a family member.  The reality is that in almost all cases where large sums of money are involved, you will be fighting with a large, well-funded insurance company and its army of lawyers that will do everything they possibly can to deny your claim and keep you from receiving the money damages you rightfully deserve. They will use every legal trick they can; that is why you not only need an attorney that understands the law, you need one that understands the insurance companies as well.

The attorneys in the Advocate Law Group network bring decades of real-world experience in both law and insurance, as exemplified by our Top Rated members Gerry Goldsholle and Bob Scott, both of whom were honored by the State Bar for their “significant contributions to the quality of justice.”

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The attorneys in the Advocate Law Group network bring decades of real-world experience in both law and insurance.